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  ISO 14001 & ISO 17025
  Approved for compatibilty with waste/grey water, septic tank and biolytix

The Biowashball is a unique device that removes the need for using detergent for washing your clothes and linen, it´s cost effective, eco-friendly and has achieved the Well Tech Award 2009 and the KOTRA GREEN SEAL OF EXCELLENCE.

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INCI Classified - (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient)

Made of Olive Oil and Sweet Bay Oil, with no artificial colourings, synthetic fragrances, preservatives or other chemical additives.

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Use as an in wash additive to boost the cleaning and stain removal power of the Biowashball® or as a pre-soak for heavily soiled items.

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This is a good thing. Of course, water in general is such an essential to life; but this water—these little solid water particles contained in this blue bottle—we believe, is truly the essence of life.

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