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  "It is with sadness and disappointment that we have to inform you that the BIOWASHBALL® will no longer be available. We were informed from the Swiss owners @ Hao Pi that their Korean partner have sold his shares without informing them.

They have tried during long and serious discussions to get confirmation from the new partner that they will have the same quality and manufacturing procedures and excellent quality but to no avail. It is therefor that they have decided to pull out and stop the manufacturing of the BIOWASHBALL® with trade name which belongs to them.

Please be aware that anyone is welcome to import the Bio Globe washing ball themselves but under NO circumstance are you allowed to make use of the BIOWASHBALL® trade name.

The Bio Globe product consist of only 4 types of ceramics where the Biowashball had 8 different types of ceramics containing the micro organisms doing the work. It is for this reason why we at BIOWASH SA have also decided not to import the Bio Globe product as a substitute to continue our supply.

You are welcome to contact Eli at eli@ionfarms.com

Please be aware that there will be no exclusivity allowed.

We thank you our dedicated clients for your business during the last almost 10 years"

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INCI Classified - (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient)

Made of Olive Oil and Sweet Bay Oil, with no artificial colourings, synthetic fragrances, preservatives or other chemical additives.

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Use as an in wash additive to boost the cleaning and stain removal power of the Biowashball® or as a pre-soak for heavily soiled items.

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